Suggestions from ten renowned personalities of the country had been sought before finalising the name of the restaurant `Rodela Bikel’. Eight of them opined choosing this name.

Why `Rodela Bikel’? Actually a nice moment was marked in this name. Sunny afternoon. Sparkle of light after incessant rain of many days-Rodela Bikel. The mind of anybody is soothed at such an amazing moment. Or the blue sky of Rodela Bikel expanding to the horizon. This scenery will also give you much pleasure. Your eyes will feel happy seeing such an amazing picture.

Rodela Bikel is with the commitment of exceptional arrangement of sharing happiness through serving delicious foods mingled with the beauty of nature. Somebody asks, is Rodela Bikel the name of a person? Or the title of any novel or story? None of these. A border trader named Saiful Kabir wanted to know the meaning of Rodela Bikel when he came to buy food at Rodela Bikel. He thought that it was the name of a story or novel of some famous writer. He bet a friend One Thousand Taka on the basis of this idea. After knowing the real meaning he honestly admitted the losing of the bet to the authority of Rodela Bikel.